Wishes Granted

These are wishes UNITY has granted over the years.  Some pictures do not accompany the wishes at the request of the family. Unity respects the privacy of each family.


Francine, brain cancer. Her wish to have a family reunion for Christmas. Family came in from all over the USA.

Brad, Liver Cancer. His wish, Deep Sea Fishing with his family. Thanks Brandy Timmons, Deleware Family Fishing, SandCastle Realty, and Mr. Murray. It was an awesome trip!
Kiyara Minto
Kiyara Minto, Ewings Sarcoma, 20 years old. Kiyara’s wish was to meet Robin Roberts from Good Morning America. Kiyara was living in the Karpas Hospice in Beth Israel, Mt. Sinai in Manhattan, NY. Kiyara passed eight days after she met Robin.
Peggy P.
Peggy P., Cancer, US Marine Veteran. Peggy was battling cancer for the 2nd time. Unity honored Peg for her service and we want to thank Broad Avenue Motor Sales Inc. for assisting Unity in making her wish a success. Her wish, a sewing machine that also embroiders. As you see a Brother Sewing Machine did the trick!
ValorieValorie, Colon Cancer, 51 years old. Her wish, to take her family to the beach for some much needed Rest & Relaxation. Sand Castle Realty of DE worked their magic and found a house on the bay side for her to stay. Valorie said she did a lot of soul searching and her and her husband are going to create an outreach program. See Unity not only grants wishes but changes the focus and gives clarity and lets people know the need to live every day of their life.
EmilyEmily, End Stage Leukemia, 20 years old. Her wish, to meet or get letters from her favorite country artists. Brantley Gilbert, Billy Dean and The Three Tenors made Emily a special video just for her. Charlie Daniels, Brad Paisley, Ricky Skaggs, Justin Fabus, Lily Nielson, Lee Brice, Travis Tritt and The PBRA made her weekend one of astounding love and caring by inviting her to an event near her home.
Stacey M.Stacey M., RSD-CRPS, 39 years old. RSD-CRPS is a degenerative disease which will render her blind and bed bound. Her wish, to meet her lifetime favorite NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne. Unity teamed up with Ollie's, thank you Heather. She traveled to Oswego, NY to meet her crush! She was a trooper and Kasey even gave her a special gift from him. Super sweet guy.
Mr. SheplerMr. Shepler, Pancreatic Cancer, US Navy Veteran. His wish, to attend a Pittsburgh Steelers game and obtain sideline pre-game passes. Tunch Ilkin was the only Steeler to take time out of his pre-game schedule to meet Mr. Shepler on the field before the game. Tunch prayed and introduced Mr. Shepler and his family to the media side of the game.
Paula CummingsPaula Cummings, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. She is on the lung transplant list. Her wish, to ride in a sidecar which has been a wish of hers since she was a young child. Unity Biker Division arranged her wish with help from the good people of York, PA. Paula was treated to a beautiful ride from Harrisburg, PA to Gettysburg, PA and back. Paula was escorted to the front of the pack of well over 250 bikes. Paula was so happy and felt so blessed and at times overwhelmed with the thunder.
Sue RaymondSue Raymond, Cancer. Her wish, to spend time at a beach with her husband and celebrate their anniversary when in the past her illness has taken priority over the chance to celebrate. Unity and Sand Castle Realty and The Charity Fund teamed up to grant her wish at South Bethany DE. She had a house on the beach and a window filled bedroom to view daily sunrises and the roar of the ocean 24/7.
Megan W.Megan W., Leukemia 19 years old. Megan is battling leukemia one more time. She beat it at age 13 and now she is fighting the fight again. She wanted a new iPad mini and Unity made sure she had one. She is going through very aggressive treatments and this will allow her to keep in contact with family and friends and also read, read, read. She is a missionary and once she beats this I am sure she will be changing lives somewhere in this world.
Andy K.Andy K., Glioblastoma, 54 years old. His wish, to meet Jerome Bettis. He attended the taping of the Jerome Bettis Show, met Jerome in person, received signed autographs and his belly was autographed too! He was able to sit at the show desk, wore a Super Bowl ring, shared a few laughs and then was treated to the Jerome Bettis Grille where he attained celebrity status and ate in Jerome's Private Owners Box where there was a lot of Super Bowl memorabilia of Mr. Bettis'. Plus he ate like a king! It was an awesome wish granted. Mr. Bettis is a true gentleman and a role-model of how to do it right!
Jeannine ZitneyJeannine Zitney, Breast Cancer. She needed time away before a major surgery. Unity sent her and her family along with Memories of Love organization for a week vacation in the Orlando FL area. Jeannine and her family had a blast and spent many hours creating memories that will forever be remembered.
William RobisonWilliam Robison, 35 years old. William awaiting a heart transplant, requires a LVAD exterior pump to keep his heart rate regulated. Unity sent William and his family to Ocean City MD for a week vacation. This was his first time at the beach in his life and this was so important to him, that he took himself off the transplant list so his family could create memories. He also went to a Pirates Game and met Kent Tekulve. Kent also had a heart transplant
Edie RiceEdie Rice, Metastatic Lung Cancer. Edie and her husband who is a US Naval Veteran never went on a honeymoon because of his enlistment and never took the time because they thought they could as they aged. Unity stepped in and sent them for a week away in DE where they could take that honeymoon. This is why Unity does what it does. Giving hope and joy!
Jordan D.Jordan D., Sarcoma, 24 years old. His wish, to meet his hero, US Navy Seal, Jason Redman. Jason and Jordan Skyped for 45 minutes and shared the struggles they both have overcome and the positive outlook they both shared. Jason wrote, The Trident, about his Journey as a Navy Seal. Jason succumbed to his illness 12 days later.
RebeccaRebecca, Lung Disease. Rebecca required and wished for a new Air Conditioner so she could breathe easier. Unity made her wish come true through the help of Jameson Hospice.
TiffanyTiffany, End Stage Cancer. Her wish, a family portrait. Unable to include her dad because he passed on five days before these pictures were taken. Unity and Sensational Images of Uniontown, PA made sure her wish came true. Here is a picture of her and her two daughters. Tiffany lost her battle to cancer a week after these pictures were taken.
DebbieDebbie, Brain Cancer. Debbie had a family wish. Unity treated her to a delicious steak dinner at Joes Crab Shack on Carson Street in Pittsburgh, PA. This was followed by a tour of the Burgh on Just Ducky Tours and a ride up and down the Mon Incline. It was a beautiful day and we were so proud to meet such supportive children and friend. What a true blessing.
Penny Z.Penny Z., Colon Cancer, 44 years old. Her wish, to go to the beach. Six weeks prior to her wish being granted her younger sister lost her battle with colon cancer. This wish was a much needed get away for all to gather in love and support of each other! As you can see all 18 did just that! Thank You M&M Fleming and Laura B.H. at Sand Castle Realty in South Bethany, DE. This is where Penny and her loved ones stayed together for the week, Unity by the Sea!
Male UnidentifiedMale, End Stage Colon Cancer, 53 years old. This gentleman in Point Marion, PA lives by himself. His wish, a home cooked meal. That’s it a home cooked meal! Unity volunteers served up home-cooked meals and delivered them to his home. As simple as this wish is the meals meant the world to him.
Holly Smith
Holly Smith, Multiple Myeloma. Her wish, to meet Bret Michaels. Holly did just that. She sat on center stage. He kissed her hand, gave her his guitar pick and then his M&G. Bret "rocks" a Unity "T". This wish was highlighted at www.bretmichaels.com
Greg Ward

Greg Ward, Metastatic Testicular Cancer, 24 years old. Greg, a volunteer firefighter wished to meet his favorite crooner, Michael Buble'. His wish came true. He went to the private sound check party and had awesome seats for the concert. Greg got to meet Michael Buble'. Greg had one more surgery and so he could be cancer free. Hopefully his wish gave him the ammunition to win.
Frank CapparelliFrank Capparelli, WWII Veteran. His wish, to return to his old neighborhood in Mt Washington, PA. Thank you Exceptional Limo for the transport in the Pens official limo! Also he wished to eat at his lifetime favorite restaurant, Calabria in Canonsburg, PA. He also surprised his old buddies who were neighbors back when and who also served in WWII with him. Senator Fontana and Allegheny County Executive, Rich Fitzgerald, served him with citations for service to Allegheny County and the USA.
TonyTony, Brain Tumors. His wish, to see The Hobbit...Desolation of Smaug movie. Unity was able to secure the movie for him so he and family could watch it. He passed soon after the movie was received!
Kirk W.Kirk W., Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), 46 years old. He received a call from his longtime golf hero Greg "The Shark" Norman. Greg called Kirk and they spoke for about 10 minutes. Kirk and his family were ecstatic.
Tom WrennTom Wrenn, Pancreatic Cancer. His wish, to take his son to a Brooklyn Nets Game. He not only had great seats but was treated to a buffet and then after the game B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute) in downtown Brooklyn, NY provided 5-Star accommodations for him.
Tim, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 55years old. Tim is a hospice patient and he contacted Unity for a wish to see his family and take them out to dinner, see his grandson Jason and to hold him for the very first time ever and a take a family portrait which they did not have. I want to Thank Dan, from Sensational Images for the photography and Med Express, both from Uniontown, PA and also ViaQuest Hospice, Cheryl Crise, Jason Upton for the blessing of the meal and Lori Lasosky for making Tim's wish a reality.
IdaIda, had a wish to get her hair done because the care home she lived at did not offer that service. Unity arranged with a local salon for her to get her hair done. Also she had never been to a Pirates game so our good friend Kent Tekulve worked with Unity and Ida as you see attended her first ever Pirate Game Fries and all.
DaveDave, Leukemia. His wish, to get away from it all so he could enjoy mother nature and just relax. Unity worked with Ohiopyle Vacation Rentals and The Stonehouse in Farmington, PA and arranged for a three night stay in a beautiful cabin in the woods. Also Dave and his girlfriend were treated to a spectacular dinner at the Stonehouse. Thanks Jordan!
Jaynette, Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Her wish was granted with the assistance of the employees at Nemacolin AQUEOS Restaurant. She and her husband had an 18 course taste feast. Then the wonderful people at Beauty Connections Spa treated Jaynette to a full body massage, and since they are so beneficial Unity arranged for two more massages. Then as you see Jaxx arranged for some pet therapy but I think he got it wrong as he sits on Jaynette’s lap.
JoeJoe, colon, Liver and Lung Cancer, 38 years old. His wish, a puppy. Unity and Lisa Palya teamed up to make sure his wish came true. Here Lil Brutus is working his puppy power magic with kisses galore. Jamie, Joe's wife said she wanted to thank Unity because Joe is now smiling again. His mind is focused on his puppy and caring and loving him. Only the love a puppy can provide.
Chris BaginskChris Baginski, Osteosarcoma. His wish, to open up a box of football cards. Brian Cano from "The Haunted Collector Series" made this wish come true. DeLuca Sport Cards also donated a box. Sometimes wishes are for the family too. Mr. Baginski took his son wherever he wanted to go, making the last days, weeks, and months of his life as special as they could be. They visited Yankee Stadium, Casino and spent so much valuable time together doing what parents do for their child. Mr. and Mrs. Baginski are truly an inspiration of what love is. Without knowing Mr. and Mrs. Baginski are Haunted Collector fans, never missing a show. So when Brian Cano showed up on the doorstep, the dad was ecstatic! Brian spent a lot of time with the parents as Chris slept. They did a sweep of their home with Brian and were able to speak with John Zaffis as well. People often forget the caregivers, but God reminded me that Chris' parents needed a little blessing too.
Donald Leach
Donald Leach, Advanced Cardiac Disease, Retired UASF Veteran Master Sgt. His wish, to attend his daughter’s wedding. Mr Leach is dependent with his care and had no way to attend until Unity and Mon Valley EMS teamed up to make his wish a reality. Don, this a huge thank you for your sacrifice and service to keep us free.
Lydia W.Lydia W. Her wish was to meet Christian singer Kari Jobes. While in St. Louis at a Joyce Meyer conference, Unity made this wish come true. Lydia who has been hospitalized too many times to count within the last year, always receives inspiration from her song, "Steady my Heart."
Mary B.Mary B. Her wish: to go to the opera with her husband. She attended The Opera House of Philadelphia, stayed at The Airport Hilton and stopped at Joe's Crab Shack on the way home. She was treated like a Queen. She was treated to dinner at the Hilton and champagne and roses in her Suite. Thank you, Philadelphia, for making this wish a true blessing.
Pam C.Pam C., Breast Cancer. Her best friend contacted Unity, and asked us if there was any way to make her wish come true and that would be to meet Bruce Springsteen. As you can see this wish came true in Pittsburgh. The Boss and his management team were awesome! Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, passes to the Lexus Club and best seats in the house.
David D.David D., Multiple Myeloma. His wish, to attend a surprise 50th birthday party in Florida. Unity purchased his tickets and he flew to Florida to say “Surprise!” in person. This wish came from the new chapter of Unity in New Castle!
John S.John S. with end stage Liver Cancer had a wish to give his son a Christmas Gift and he also rec'd as a wish a robe, slippers, blanket, Cd Player and various CD's. A Christmas stand-up decoration and wall poster. John smiled when he saw Journey helping to deliver the gifts!
RudyRudy, End Stage Cancer. He had a wish to give his wife something to remember him by and something to hold after he passed. Unfortunately Rudy passed on before his wish could be granted, but Unity followed through with his wish. After weeks upon weeks of trying to find a rescue dog a Unity volunteer read about Rudy and went on her own search. A little tea cup Chihuahua was given to Rudy's wife as a Christmas present. Her name is, "Cielo Amore", meaning, "Heavenly Love".
Woman UnidentifiedThanks to Becky Rainville, Unity's New Castle chapter granted a wish for a woman who needed a gas stove to replace hers which was unusable. Her caregivers had to cook meals at their homes and bring them to her house, this afforded the caregivers to cook her meals hot at her home. Thanks Becky, great job!
Woman Unidentified
Operation Christmas Wish served five deserving families with the spirit of Christmas. One was for a 33 year old woman battling breast cancer, giving her two young boys new bikes, games, etc.
Phil SalernoOperation Christmas Wish served five deserving families with the spirit of Christmas. Mr. Phil Salerno who is battling metastatic cancer was granted his wish of Christmas for his family. An independent contractor when he became ill he lost everything. So, Unity with Picture Me at Ross Park Mall, AmyB’s Photography and The Conley Resort in Butler, PA made sure his wish was more than he could wish for. Picture Me did professional sittings, AmyB's professionally photographed his wish as it took place, and The Conley Resort accomodated his wish to see his family smile and have fun and forget about his illness. The Conley provided overnight stay for his family, water park passes and dinner. Their staff also donated their time after hours to make his wish special. Thanks to all Unity volunteers who made this wish possible and to Diana Rafferty who helped make this wish extra special with some awesome gifts

Tracey. Her wish, to attend the 77th Dapper Dan Dinner to view Hines Ward receive his Life Achievement Award. Unity sent Tracey and her two children to the dinner. Tracey with Manny Sanguillen and of course Hines Ward.
Jay T.Jay T., Lung Cancer. Jay was a marathon runner who ran to raise money to find a cure for cancer. He gave up a lot of his free time to make this happen. Ironically Jay was diagnosed with lung cancer. He recently moved to his dad’s house and is on hospice care. His wish is a Phish Wish. He is a huge Phish fan, his wish was to talk to members of the band. John and Trey of the band took time out of their busy lives to make a difference in his life. He talked with John for an hour and Trey for 40 minutes. Look at his smile. This wish gave Jay hope and changed his focus.
Ardith W.
Ardith W., Lung Cancer. Her life-time wish was to stay the night at Tara Mansion in Clark, PA. The mansion was modeled after the one in "Gone With The Wind" her favorite all time movie. Ardith had a great time. Thanks to Mrs. Winner and her staff for being so attentive to Ardith and her needs. She traveled with her sister. Thanks to McKnight Medical of Charleroi, PA. for their assist with this wish.
Chrissy W.Chrissy W., 38 years old. Chrissy had an aggressive brain tumor excised and she had a wish to swim with the dolphins. Chrissy and her mother spent Mothers Day in Key Largo, FL and did just that. Thank you Island Dolphin Care. Thanks Suzanne H., Hobo's, Konch's, Passavant employees, Cheryl Honsaker, friends of Chrissy and DolphinsPlus.
Joell, Metastatic Cancer. Her wish, to take her family roughing it in the woods and attend Idlewild Park in Ligioner, PA. Thanks to Ohiopyle Vacation Rentals, Idlewild Park and Jordan.
Fred FeilFred Feil, Angiosarcoma of the Scalp, 90 years old. His wish, to take his wife to the place they fell in love back in 1937, for their 71st wedding anniversary. At Cascade Park the site of their first official date they renewed their vows and took a trip down memory lane riding thru the park. Dinner was donated by Pagley’s Pasta & More.
John Bassin
John Bassin, Lung Cancer, 57 years old. His wish was a sports adventure. He wished to take his family to the Football Hall of Fame and to a Pirates Game. Thank you to Garrett Kloots, Football Hall of Fame, Jerzees Sports Grille, Courtyard Marriott of Canton Ohio, Two Fat Guys, Enterprise WKYC, and the anonymous Angel who paid for John's dinner.
Lou Baumgartner

Lou Baumgartner, Army veteran, 57 years old. His wish, to take his 5 year old grandson on a special camping trip. Horseback riding, fishing, campfire, s'mores and creating memories that will never be forgotten. Thank you Bear Run Campground Portersville, PA.
Megan Davis
Megan Davis, 24 years old. Her wish, to swim with dolphins. Unity made sure she did. Megan's smile says it all.
Shelley M.Shelley M. Her wish, to be pampered with her daughter at a spa. LaSpa in Ligonier did just that. She shared a smile as she traveled the Pittsburgh river way on a Gateway Clipper boat. Unity made sure this came true and more.
Sue H.
Sue H., Multiple Sclerosis. Her wish, to attend her daughter’s wedding. She had no way to get there because of her dependence and transportation needs. Here with UNITY, Luminess, Mon Valley Care Center, Heidi Worthing and Mon Valley EMS her wish came true. A beautiful day for a beautiful lady!
Violet A.

Violet A. Her wish to go to a Casino. The Meadows Racetrack and Casino and Hampton Inn & Suites of the Meadows and Enterprise Rent-A-Car of New Castle helped UNITY grant this wish. Dinner was at The Terrace. Hope you had fun Violet!
Ron S.Ron S., Stage 4 Lung Cancer. His wish for a Power Recliner which he received. Unity is also arranging for a hospital bed. Ron wanted to remain anonymous, so we will respect his wishes.
James E.James E., Cancer. His wish, for a timing belt and tensioner for his Ford Contour. Unity is unable to repair cars or buy parts but we put out the word and an anonymous donor worked with NAPA of Belle Vernon, PA to make his wish come true. Now he can drive himself to his chemo treatments in place of having to depend on his family. He has regained his independence.
JamesJames, Multiple Sclerosis. His wish, a cat. What better way to enhance two lives. Blacky who was in a No Kill shelter for a year wished to be adopted! This is where UNITY, Dr. Don Tummons and Fayette Friend of Animals came in. Both wishes were granted. James original cat had to be put to sleep and James was lonely. Blacky filled that empty spot in James' heart.
Joe A.Joe A., Retired Air Force Veteran. His wish, to travel to Ohio for a vacation with is family. Unity made sure that happened. Unity also was donated a Jazzy Wheel Chair and in turn donated it to Joe to use. Joe is a double amputee. Joe, thank you for your sacrifice and service from Operation-Adopt-A-Veteran.
Grace L.
Grace L., End Stage Congestive Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Her wish, for a family reunion and to meet a Pittsburgh Pirate from the past. Grace being a life-long pirate fan was ecstatic when Mr. Kent Tekulve arrived. Mr. Tekulve welcomed Grace into the "1979 Pirates Family" with wearing of the World Series Ring. Grace was teary eyed when she was reunited with family and friends she had not seen for three plus years. She also was able to partake in her great grandson's birthday party. He and his parents and sister drove in from Indiana to make her wish special so she could share in Victor's Birthday Party.
BettyBetty. Her wish, believe it or not, are you ready? It was to hear me, John Robinson, sing. Yes, hear me sing for her and the high rise counsel and tell a few jokes.
John G.John G., End Stage Gastric Cancer, 46 years old. His wish, to marry his fiance' of 10 years. John is from Butler, PA his wish was granted in cooperation with Butler Memorial Hospital. On Saturday Sept. 1, 2012 John was married on his hosptial gurney, he was too weak to even sit up in his chair. The ceremony took place in the Chapel at the hospital and a reception was held in the cafeteria.
Karen WilliamsKaren Williams, Pancreatic Cancer. Her wish, to meet WWE Wrestling star John Cena. UNITY tag-teamed with WWE, Simmons Motels in Hershey, PA, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and the Giant Center to pin down this wish.
Jessica H.

Jessica H., Metastatic Breast Cancer. She was treated to Joe's Crab Shack on the Southside, then to The Hard Rock Cafe for brief picture taking. Afterwards she went to WPXI studios to attend a taping of The Charlie Batch Show, and met Charlie and Rashad Mendenhall. Alby Oxenreiter and David Johnson were great hosts, as well as the producers Brian, Rene' and the behind the scenes crew. Bless you all! Also thank you Dean Iampietro for your compassion and hospitality and Jerome, “The Bus”.
Betty E.Betty E., metastatic ovarian cancer. She wished to have her hair-do's done weekly. With a recent cut in her Social Security she was unable to afford them. She said how pretty she feels when she has her hair done, makes her feel like a woman. Thank you Mount Macrina.
Fred W.Fred W., Pancreatic Cancer. His wish, to attend the Jerome Bettis Show. WPXI and UNITY once again teamed up for a score and treated Fred and his family to the show. Making it special was local singing artist Devon Johnson of the band Ruff Creek. Fred was also a recipient of UNITY's Operation Christmas Wish.
Nancy S.Nancy S., 46 year old mother of one with Multiple Sclerosis. She wanted to take her son to Disney World and stay with friends for her Birthday.
Tyko K.Tyko K., 94 year old, Cardiac Insufficiency and Decreased Circulation to all his extremities, Veteran. Mr. K. needed a lift chair. The lift chair allows him to sleep semi-reclined this way
decreasing the weeping edema in both legs and the arterial pain from his leg muscles with slight elevation. Two new volunteers Ailene and Rodney Bryner assisted with the wish.
WWII Army Veteran Aviator
WWII Army Veteran Aviator, bomber pilot was a POW/MIA in Russia after being shot down. His wish, to fly one more time at age 91. UNITY did it and he did fly the plane himself for about a 1/2 hour.
Amanda S.Amanda S. Her wish, to meet the cast of TAPS and go on a ghost hunt. Marc Tetlow from Ideal Management along with Unity and The Best Western in Radford VA made her wish come true.
Rich H.Rich H. His wish, to drive NASCAR Experience in Charlotte, NC and go Deep Sea Fishing. He did both. His daughter caught an official North Carolina catch record of a 50 pound fish.
Quadrapalegic MaleQuadrapalegic Male, 38 years old. He only had use of his tongue and eyes and wanted a Puff ‘n Blow controller for his PS2. Bobbi contacted the manufacturer of the controller. After a long conversation there was none in stock, so he said sorry he could not be of any assistance. The next day, mysteriously a controller was shipped to this young man to use with the donor anonymous! But it came from the guy who said he had none. Bless you and it will come back to you 100 fold.
David S.David S., Cancer, Firefighter. His wish, a lift-chair. Unity lent him a chair to use. Eileen and her husband Rod and son delivered the chair to his home.
MeganMegan, Neuro-Degenerative Disease, 26 year old. Her wish, a scooter. Her mom carries her a lot of places so this scooter will give her back some independence. Unity also is delivering her an all-electric bed to use.
Young Grade School StudentUnity received a donation of a Quantum 600 power wheelchair. Unity in turn donated it for the use of a young man in grade school. It will allow him to move independently. Thank you Uniontown St. Vincents for your assistance. It will be custom-fit to his body.
George N.George N., WWII Naval Veteran. His wish to see his granddaughter graduate from High School. Unity paid for his ticket to Nevada. Sadly two weeks after his wish was granted he passed away.
UNITY does make a difference. Goerge, Bless you and thanks for your service to the good old USA!
George S.George S., Congestive Heart Failure, WWII Naval Veteran. George was under hospice care for his CHF. His wish, to go to The Meadows in Washington PA to bet on the horses. Unity provided transportation, dinner and personal care making his wish a reality. He also pooled his money with Unity President John Robinson and together they won $130. Thanks for your service George.
Eleanor BoujeUnity was in New Castle, PA and granted three wishes. Eleanor Bouje traveled with Unity Volunteers Jill Davis and Chuck Kessler to The Rivers Casino.
Mrs. DilleyUnity was in New Castle, PA and granted three wishes. Mrs. Dilley received a laptop computer personally donated by Nick Kraft.
Carl StrayerUnity was in New Castle, PA and granted three wishes. Carl Strayer needed an Air-Conditioner to enable him to breathe easier.
Michelle M.
Michelle M. Her wish was two-fold, she wanted to meet the cast of Taps, and go ghost Hunting and she also needed a scooter. Unity made all wishes come true through donations from the community
UnidentifiedBobbi and I adopted a wish for a young man outside of unity. He has Cystic fibrosis and wanted to view a wrestling match. Bobbi and I arranged for him to go to a WWE Raw in West Virginia and he was sent memorabilia and shirts from the WWE
Wayne H.Wayne H. Wayne had a long time wish to meet Loretta Lynn in person. Well it happened. Thanks C's waffles!
Wayne C.Wayne C., Parkinson's. His life-long fantasy was to meet Channel 4 News anchor Sally Wiggin.
Brent R.Brent R., Cystic Fibrosis. His wish, to attend the Pocono 500 to meet Jeff Gordon. Brent received Hot Pit passes and deluxe accommodations for the weekend. Thanks Chip Ganassi!
Jamie T.Jamie T., Thyroid Cancer. Her wish, to have internet access while she was in isolation undergoing radio-isotope therapy. She also needed some new clothes for her newborn and a swing.
Dave M.Dave M., Cancer. His wish, to meet a Pittsburgh Steeler. He even got to wear a Super Bowl ring.
Leslie G.Leslie G., Brain Aneurysm. Her wish, to meet the staff of Paranormal States.
Michael D.
Michael D., Osteosarcoma. His wish, to meet a Pittsburgh Penguin. Chris Kunitz stepped up and made his wish come true. Mike gave Chris a Livestrong bracelet.
Mark M.

Mark M. Mark had two wishes. To bring his grandchildren to hallowboo and build-a-bear.
Deb M.

Deb M., Huntington’s Corea. Her wish, to meet a Pittsburgh Steeler
Robert B.

Robert B., Brain Tumor. His wish to go fishing one last time with family and friends with Muddy Creek Fishing Tours.
Ryan S.Ryan S., Cancer. He wanted a signature from a Pittsburgh Steeler. He did receive a get well card signed by James Harrison, Charlie Batch, Lymus Sweed.
Sue O.Sue O., Huntington’s Corea. Her wish, to spend a day with her family. Well, unity did her one better. Sue was treated to a foot pedicure before a day at Idlewild Park, in Ligonier, PA, then she received a facial and full body massage Sewickley Spa.
Lonnie K.Lonnie K., Liver Cancer. His wish, to give his wife the wedding they never could afford. The community kicked in and a Wedding was granted in nine days, planned in two.
Robert J.Robert J., End Stage Congestive Heart Failure. His wish was for his lawn and walkway to be cleared so he could return home safely and pass at home. Unity Volunteers did just that.
Kathleen S.Kathleen S., Breast Cancer. Her wish, to attend her family’s reunion.
Dan M.Dan M., Rectal Cancer Vietnam Marine Veteran. His wish, to attend a Marine graduation ceremony at Parris Island and then go to Quantico VA, to view the Marine Museum. Dan also received a guided tour of the Capitol.
Michelle M. Michelle M. Michelle needed portable oxygen in place of the tanks to improve her quality of life and become mobile again. Unity secured the portable concentrator through Hometown Oxygen then switched over to Rezk Medical Equipment
Jim B.Jim B., Cancer. His wish, a chance to see the Pittsburgh Steelers play a game. Unity was able to get him tickets to a game
Michelle C.

Michelle C., Cervical Cancer with Metastasis to the Bone and Liver. Her wish, to have a Committment Ceremony. What a backdrop, Smokey Mountains.
Ashley E.
Ashley E., Chromosomal Disorder. Her wish, to see Josh Turner in concert and get to meet him in person.
Andrew K.Andrew K., End Stage Congestive Heart Failure, WWII Veteran. His wish, to go to a casino one last time. Andy enjoyed a day trip to Wheeling Island. Andy and John enjoyed a great buffet, but not much luck at the slots.
Joann F.Joann F., Multiple Sclerosis. She received a picture from the Pittsburgh Steelers.
BettyBetty, Cancer. Her wish, to visit her son in prison. Unity volunteers drove her to Erie, PA to spend a day with him.
Flora “Peg” JacksonFlora “Peg” Jackson, 102 years old. She wanted to meet a Pittsburgh Penguin for her 103rd birthday. Well, she did receive a card from the Pens and also a shout-out on the radio! She also wished for a ride on a motorcycle and rode in a side car safely having her wish granted.
KatherineKatherine, Lung Cancer. Her wish, She wanted a new mattress so when she came home from her Chemo/Radiation treatments she had a comfortable place to sleep. She cried because this was her first new bed ever! She did not believe anyone could care for her as UNITY did with new coverings too.

Ken, Parkinsons. His wish, to have his home remodeled because he was unable to and to have a home to be proud to live in.

Thank you Heartland! Unity does not grant wishes like this anymore but we had a blast and made Ken's home a showcase.
Brian Felicity, Lung Cancer, Firefighter His wish, a computer so he could Skype with his son in Iraq and his daughter. Here volunteer Dave Sethman hooks up and programs the computer for Brian's use.
LindaLinda, Lung Cancer. Her wish, to see her family after 25 years in Detroit as she traveled from Texas for a reunion..
BethBeth, Leukemia. Her wish, after being diagnosed and treated while on vacation in Pittsburgh PA, she wished to travel home to Tampa, FL and be home in time for the holidays. She required isolation travel that a train could offer her.
Mrs. P.
Mrs P. CHF. Her wish, wanted to move to a hospice near her son in Philadelphia, PA.

Linda, Liver Cancer. Her wish, to give her two sons Christmas in May.
John Gardner
John Gardner, Dementia, WWII Veteran. His wish, to attend his Daughters surprise 30th Wedding Anniversary.
Karen Roderick Tummons
Karen Roderick Tummons, Pancreatic Cancer. Her wish, to have a horse of her own.
Mr. Mauk
Mr. Mauk, Lung Cancer. His wish, to Meet Mr. George Jones and Hank Williams Jr. and attend their concert.
Mr. David Hall
Mr. David Hall, Colon Cancer, WW2 Veteran. His wish, to touch the Statue of Liberty.
Art Galiffa
Art Galiffa, CHF, WW2 Veteran. His wish, To plant a garden on his empty plot and donate the food to area homeless.
Mr. MillerMr. Miller, Leukemia, WW2 Veteran. His wish, to have his house repaired and then have his water line replaced, cow fence fixed and various repairs so he could return home on weekends with his son!

Carm, Breast Cancer. Her wish, To dip her toes in the Atlantic Ocean.
Mrs. K.Mrs. K. Her wish, to have a new wheelchair.
Mr. BurtonMr. Burton, WW2 Veteran. His wish, to have a new mattress for the first time in his life.
John, Liver Cancer. His wish, to attend a Arena Football Game.